This Is Us - Pastor Mary Suomala Folkerds

This Is Us. It is a popular TV series about a family that deals with: life, death, alcoholism, recovery, a tragic fire, fulfilling career dreams, carrying things from your childhood, fostering, adopting, navigating racial diversity, struggling with weight loss, football, infertility, and making a meaningful life. In other words, it is about all of us!

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This TV series moves back and forth between the current day and flashbacks to an earlier point in this family’s life.

❖The things that happened to them in an earlier time impact who they are today.

❖And the things they are learning today impact how they see their past.

It seems a lot like what we do in church when we dig into the Bible together. The things we discover in the Bible help us make meaning for our lives today. And the things we are going through today impact how we read the Bible!

Please join us for a five-week sermon series called “This Is Us” where we will dig through the stories of our (Biblical) family and see how they impact us today. Together we will see how God keeps showing up through the messiness of life! We will see what God teaches us through the stories of some our Old Testament ancestors. If you think your family has some messed up stories from the past, you may find solace in hearing how one of our ancestors named Joseph was sold to slave traders by his brothers. This story has a pretty big lesson for us about forgiveness!

This is Us. Bring yourself and your story to this series:Week 1 (September 11 and 15):

Imperfection from the get-go!

Week 2 (September 18 and 22):

God’s timing is different than ours!

Week 3 (September 25 and 29):

And you thought your family was dysfunctional

Week 4 (October 2 and 6):

Learning to trust God when things don’t go as we plan

Week 5 (October 9 and 13):

What forgiveness can do in your family

Invite your friends and join us for Worship this fall!

God’s Peace, Pastor Mary

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