A Word with Pastor Taylor!

I recently had a conversation with Jeanette Perrault, our Summer Seminary Intern, about the weekly flow of ministry during the summer at Good Shepherd. In it, she shared a funny story that she would go on to reference in one of her sermons. Maybe you heard it. Maybe you didn’t. ☺ As a child, Jeanette remembers telling her mom how excited she was to get back to church now that it was finally open again. Her mom paused, realizing that they hadn’t been to church for a while... so long, in fact, that her daughter thought the church took a break for the summer! While church doesn’t stop for the warm days of summer, we realize that sometimes your schedules can find you a bit out of your usual routine.

As always, we hope to see you for our weekly worship services—whether youcheck out something different, like the 6:15 PM Wednesday evening service outdoors on the lawn(come early for dinner from 5-6 PM, bring a lawn chair or blanket, and find a spot under the umbrellas!) and the 10 AM service at Sanctuary Events Center in Downtown Fargo, or the familiar weekend staples like the 9 AM Traditional and 10:30 AM Contemporary services in Moorhead. And if you’re unable to join us in person, know that we’d love to connect with you wherever you might find yourself through our Facebook Live streamed services and on the radio on WDAY 970 AM at 11 AM.

If you can’t tell from my plug above, I think Worship and community are essential and foundational parts of our faith journey—in fact, it’s why we exist as a church. As we come off a worship series that focused on some of the songs that have been foundational to the faith formation of many of our members, The Faith We Sing, we’re excited to journey into a new series that will help us discover God’s message through another avenue: movies.

toy story2.png

Invite a friend, and join us in the month of August as we continue to learn and grow together—this time with Toy Story as our guide! The Gospel According to: Toy Story will use Scripture and movie clips to dive into pressing issues that we all wrestle with as humanity: change, jealousy, identity, and friendship.

Whether it’s in person, or through our media ministries, we hope to connect with you soon!

Pastor Taylor

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