Happy New Year! - Pastor Mary Suomala Folkerds

Happy New Year!
Our mission at Good Shepherd is to “Gather joyfully, grow spiritually, and go faithfully, so that all may know the Good Shepherd and have abundant life in His name.”


We are blessed with another year to gather, grow, and go together as a church family.❖ What new things does God have in store for us?
❖ What unexpected challenges will we take on as a church family in Jesus’ name?❖ What novel activity will we get to participate in?

If you are like me, and many other people, you may think that a new adventure involves moving to a new town, buying a new home, or starting a new job. Many of us suffer from what Melody Warnick describes as Restless Soul Syndrome, which is a constant search for the new and novel. Sometimes we even view our churches that way, constantly seeking a church that will do something new for us.

Yes, sometimes we are called to new places and we need to try new things, but what if our new adventure means staying where we are and seeing that place with NEW eyes? What if we are called to engage with the life we are living, to invest in the community of people that God has surrounded us with, and to be surprised by the delight of every day?

Here is my church-wide challenge for all of us this year:

Engage and invest in this congregation in a new way!

If you have never been part of a small group, join one!
If you have never taken Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, do it!
If you have never joined the Good (Shepherd) Men in a service project, come and bring a friend!
If you have never sung in choir, try it!
If you have never attended the Marriage Enrichment Retreat, make it your pre-Valentine’s date night! If you have never worshiped at Sanctuary in Fargo, or the Main Campus in Moorhead, try it!

And, if you haven’t made worship a regular faith practice, try it!

Here are our upcoming Teaching Series:

 Never Alone: A 5-week Teaching Series on Loneliness (January 2 – February 3)
 It’s Complicated: A 4-week Teaching Series on Relationships (February 6 – March 3)
 Lent: A 6-week Teaching Series on Faith Practices (March 6 – April 14)
 Go: A 6-week Teaching Series on passing on Faith to the next generation (April 21 – May 26)

I look forward to seeing the unexpected people we will meet and the unexpected places we will see God by investing in the mission that God has given us in 2019!

God’s Peace,
Pastor Mary Suomala Folkerds

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