Closing Out 2017! - Pastor Taylor Wilson

As we close out 2017, I look back with thankfulness, and I look forward with excitement for the year that is to come. One of the powerful things we did this fall, as a congregation, was launch a second worship site for Good Shepherd in the FM area. While many of you might never step foot in that Holy space, please know that we’re in this mission together, and your prayers and encouragement mean the world to me as the Mission Developer.

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Each Sunday, we have over 20 volunteers serve in a variety of roles at our Fargo location. This might be news to some of you, but it’s something I’ve become quite aware of, and inspired by, every Sunday! They come in a variety of ages and backgrounds, but one thing that’s evident among our leaders is their love for Good Shepherd. Some have spoken of the warm welcome they received when they first came to Good Shepherd and their desire to share that same welcome with others. Others are grateful for a way to serve “outside-the-box.” No matter their role, they serve with a smile on their face, as they lead in areas of Hospitality, Worship, Production, and Children’s Ministry. With each interaction, the mission “... that ALL may know the Good Shepherd...” is lived out through our leaders. It’s inspiring... and it’s making a difference.

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One guest remarked, “I went to service here yesterday and left completely blessed and renewed. I really need a place to help me reconnect with God and give my faith a boost, and Good Shepherd helped me do that and so much more! Incredible staff, friendly members and fellow attendees, and the experience as a first timer was one I will not soon forget.” Another said, “I felt at home the minute I stepped in, and knew that this is where God wanted me. Everyone is so welcoming. Services are contemporary with amazing teaching that you will think of through the week, and apply to your life. The music is so great as well. Hands down, I'd recommend Good Shepherd to anyone!”

It might not be for everybody... but it’s for somebody. By the grace and empowerment of God, we’ll continue to live out our mission in 2018 with joy in our hearts. If you’d like to serve in Fargo, let me know! Come check out a service, and as always, keep this location in your prayers.

- Pastor Taylor Wilson

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