Second Worship Site Update!

Part of my call was to help develop a second worship site for Good Shepherd. The church began hosting forums and discerning God’s direction for an additional location to live out our mission, “that ALL may know the Good Shepherd...”

The Second Site Task Force looked at 16 potential sites on both sides of the Red River, and while we focused heavily on the Moorhead side, we began to feel led to a site—Sanctuary Events Center in downtown Fargo.

As some doors closed, this one kept opening wider, and through multiple conversations, many questions, and faithful discernment, our Second Site Task Force unanimously recommended Sanctuary to the Good Shepherd Church Council. The Council then moved to recommend a congregational vote, which took place on May 10. With an 87% vote in favor of launching a second site at Sanctuary Events Center, we’re excited to begin our planning for an October 1st launch (with a special preview service taking place on September 10, to rally our members and invite F-M residents not currently connected to other congregations!).

We are praying for 175 individuals to “adopt” the second site as a place to worship and/or serve on a team in Fargo! If you’re interested in “adopting” Good Shepherd at Sanctuary as your weekly location for worship, or are willing to help serve in a variety of ways once or twice a month, we’d love to get you involved in Hospitality, Set-up/ Tear-down, Worship, Sunday School, and more! Please contact to indicate your desire to get involved, and join us in prayer as we prepare for the launch!

Pastor Taylor Wilson