New Family Directory!

Be included in our new church family directory! We need you to make our new directory complete! 

Our directory will:

1. Put names with faces!

2. Help us connect with each other!

3. Help us reach out to new families!

Each participating family receives a free directory and complimentary 8x10 photograph. 

Precious Memories

- Professional photography

- Dedicated customer service

- Upfront pricing

- Fast delivery

Bring meaningful items to your photography session. Invite your extended family for a special photograph. Wonderful gift ideas & greeting cards.

Schedule your photography online here!

Tuesday-Saturday: Aug. 22-26

Tuesday-Saturday: Sept. 19-23

Tuesday-Saturday: Sept. 26-30

Weekdays: 2-9 p.m.

Saturdays: 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you!


What does The Church need to work?

What does a cell phone need to work?” asks Coach Mitch.
CHARGE!” yell 25 excited kids at the morning session of Cross Training Basketball Camp here in the Gym at Good Shepherd (22 more kids were in the afternoon session).

How do we get charged up?” asks Coach Mitch.
By staying connected to Jesus!” answers a bold 2nd grade boy!

These same answers apply when we talk about the Church! We, THE CHURCH, stay charged by staying connected to Jesus. We stay charged by living out our mission at Good Shepherd:

We GATHER, GROW, and GO so that ALL may know the Good Shepherd and have abundant life in His Name!

One way we want to live out our mission is to add an Education Wing to CHARGE UP more followers of Jesus of all ages!

We are down to the wire for collecting pledges for this Capital Appeal! We need a full-court press to fully fund this new addition! It is time for ALL of us to be ALL IN! Every gift of ANY amount is needed to turn this dream into reality!

We want EVERY household to be part of this appeal at ANY LEVEL OF GIVING so we are throwing down a FUN challenge to raise the rest of the FUNds! When we get 100 more gifts or pledges of ANY size, Pastor Taylor will get a pie in the face (yes, a literal pie)! When we get 50 more gifts, Pastor Mary will get a pie in the face (Eeek)! When we get 50 more gifts, Pastor Dan will get a pie in the face!

If we harness this 4th quarter momentum, we will get to our goal of providing educational space for all ages WITHOUT incurring more debt! So who else would you like to see with a pie in the face? Oh, the possibilities!

What does THE CHURCH need to work? CHARGE!

How do we get charged up? BY STAYING CONNECTED TO JESUS!

Go Team!

Pastor Mary